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Loren Middleton has dedicated over 25 years to the criminal justice system. As a Police Officer, Loren has vast experience in criminal procedure and operation of law enforcement from patrol to detailed investigation, as well as practices and standards involving evidence intended to be used against the accused. As a former Cook County State’s Attorney, Loren is well equipped with the experience and knowledge of the tactics and strategies that the prosecution will attempt to implement to obtain your possible conviction and incarceration. The Law Office of Loren B. Middleton provides you with this essential direction and experience, having tried and resolved hundreds of misdemeanor cases from minor traffic offenses to alcohol and drug related offenses, and felony cases from simple drug possession to murder. When you stand accused in a criminal courtroom you must understand that you only have one true protection against the forces that seek to convict and punish you, and that is your attorney, you need the Law Office of Loren B. Middleton, an office that has represented thousands of citizens with persuasive credibility and distinction, proficient litigation and settlement skills.

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