Attorney Loren B. Middleton, was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana where he attended and graduated North Central High School in 1985.  In 1989, Loren graduated Southern Illinois University with a B.A. Political Science with a minor concentration in Criminal Justice. Upon graduating from Southern Illinois University Loren was hired with The Lisle Police Department in 1990, where Loren attended the Chicago Police Academy, and worked 7 years with the Lisle Police Department.  At Lisle, Loren received life saving awards and commendations for his conduct on duty, and he also served in both the tactical and detective bureau where he received experience in covert law enforcement conduct, investigative and informational development skills with live witness and physical evidence.  While serving on the Lisle Police Department, Loren, attended DePaul University School of Law where he received his Juris Doctorate of Law in 1995, and was then sworn into The Illinois Bar in October of 1995.  Shortly following his admittance to the Illinois Bar, Loren Middleton was hired with The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office where he served in the State’s Attorney’s Office’s, traffic division, misdemeanor trial division, juvenile Justice bureau, and narcotic’s special prosecution unit.  After nearly 4 years of service with The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, Loren embarked on his current practice, The Law Office of Loren B. Middleton, P.C. in 2000.

For nearly 30 years, Loren Middleton has dedicated his education and professional endeavors in the arena of Criminal Justice, and in doing so, he as tremendous insights into the nuances of traffic violations and criminal cases in a myriad of circumstances and issues.   There are never any guarantees when you are facing the aggressive aspects of a criminal prosecution.  However, you are guaranteed to receive the best outcomes with experienced and forthright counsel and litigation skills, and that is what Loren Middleton’s integrity and experience will provide in your defense.